Thursday, July 19, 2012

No power, cooking in the dark.....Trials of a cooking mom

Good Morning Everyone :-)

So yesterday evening we were in line for storms....Dark clouds came over, got REALLY windy, then electricity went blinking like crazy...then was out. The storm really wasn't major here....Just windy, some rain and a few things of lightning. Nothing close or major. Which meant my Internet was down, and I couldn't get the recipes I needed...Gotcha hooked right? ;-) Then I remembered my phone....and thank goodness for a stove, oven that works without electricity. Let me start out by saying that when the electricity went out my 2 year old freaked out. THEN thunder came which meant she was on a full panic mode. Attached to my leg. So I went to the kitchen in the dark to make dinner. Two new recipe I had never right??? :-)  I made Coca Cola BBQ Chicken and Scalloped potatoes. I started on the scalloped potatoes and realized I didn't buy enough heavy cream....but I needed to make this work...So I just used what heavy cream I had. After the potatoes were done I realized I didn't have near enough Cheddar cheese to cover it. J used more of it then I had realized. BUT they tasted good, sorry no pictures though.  While the potatoes were cooking I started on the BBQ sauce...again in the dark...(with a kid attached to my leg, screaming).  After I get all this in the oven the electricity comes back on. Thank goodness...but it could of came on while I was cooking. Light helps. LOL

So I went back to get on my computer and realized my Internet was not working. So I call Comcast and found out that a power surge came through my cable line and killed my modem. Considering the Internet is my life line to adults I just about cried. The guy can not come till Friday to exchange modem. Then I realized I have public wifi I can use. Thank goodness....

Back to dinner.....The BBQ sauce was amazing. I did add about a tsp of dry mustard and a couple dashes of apple cider vinegar. It was sooo awesome. I also baked boneless skinless chicken breasts instead of how the recipe did it. Plus we have extra sauce.

Go check out these great recipes:

Scalloped-potatoes by Walking on Sunshine
Coca Cola BBQ Chicken

Tonight we are picking stuff for supper at the store....We have to run errands tonight...So today Im just doing odds and ends, preparing for my MIL's Surprise party who knows what else.

Have a great day everyone.

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  1. Sounds like a rough night. We had a storm like that a few weeks ago, but thankfully we didn't loose power. Glad you liked the BBQ sauce! Love the addition of the apple cider vinegar and dry mustard!