Monday, June 18, 2012

Weekend plans, and supper tonight

Good Morning Everyone!!

This weekend was a busy one. We had my daughters 4th Birthday on Friday. We got her a princess bike, and a cars helmet. That's my equal amount of girly, and boy :-) Saturday we took her to get her hair cut :-) Here is a couple of pictures from that:

Then after that we went out to lunch...nothing fancy. Then we went Go Kart racing :-) It was such a blast :-)

Then after that it was off to a Graduation cookout for our cousins ....It was a long but fun day but ended horrible.. I got a headache that night that wouldn't leave. Normally if I fall asleep I can get rid of the headache. But this one woke me up at 2 am, and I ended feeling so sick. Thankfully the headache ended mid morning the next day. Im still feeling wiped out but eh....LOL I have a lot going on and I think my stress is taking over. So Sunday J went with his dad to a car show....Then when he got back we went grocery shopping. Then to Js parents for a cookout. It was a good day...but all in all Im exhausted. This week we have to finish up the final plans of Megs birthday party at the beach on Saturday. Then Sunday we have Megs dance rehearsal. If I make it in one peace by July 1st, it'll be a miracle. LOL

Now on to today's cooking plans :-) I just recently bought Land o Lakes Sea Salt and Olive oil butter. Im kinda excited to try it. After I use it I will post a review on my thoughts about it.  Then I also want to try Coconut Macaroons..J LOVES them...So I thought I'd attempt to make them. 

Tonight for dinner we are having boneless skinless fried chicken, mashed potatoes/gravy, veggies and possibly homemade rolls. 

I hope you all have a fantastic day!!!


  1. I am now craving mashed potatoes and I haven't had breakfast yet. Happy Birthday to your girl!

  2. Happy Birthday to your little girl! The dinner sounds yumm...can I have some ?:D