Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Land O Lakes Sea Salt and Olive Oil butter Review

Good Morning Everyone,
A few weeks back a friend of J and I's, suggested I do product reviews on my blog.. After a bit of thinking I decided I would do one once a month. This month review is:

                               Land o Lakes Sea Salt, and Olive oil butter

The price was the same as the regular Land O Lakes butter so that was nice to know. I really didn't notice much of a difference. That made me kind of sad as I really wanted something that brought more flavor. I also made mashed potatoes with it, and just didn't seem to give the flavor I wanted.

I did find that you can not use Land O Lakes Sea Salt and olive oil butter for caramel sauce. The extra olive oil tends to separate from the regular sauce.

To be honest I probably won't buy it again as I didn't notice a difference in the flavor, and it just tasted like regular butter. The regular butter is better for me currently as I do a lot of baking, and making of bread. The added olive oil tends to not work right.

Again this is just what I have found, you should try it for yourself. This review is just my opinion and is no way associated with Land O Lakes. I am so not getting paid to do this review. I purchase the products, and I try them out.

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  1. I agree, the Land O Lakes Olive Oil and Sea salt was just not good at all. As a matter of fact terrible. Absolutely no olive oil flavor at all. I am a cook who does not purchase or eat processed or pre -packaged foods. The result is that your taste is not used to the added salts and fats. So when I tried the new Olive Oil and Salt version of Land o Lakes, it did not add any flavor just a huge amount of salt. Too much for proper taste. You might as well just dump you sea salt container in the bowl, add a touch of olive oil and you'd have the same result. It does not melt well or infuse as well. I'll stick to butter when it is called for and the good quality olive oil as well. Trust me the results will be far superior.