Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hot and Cold Chicken

Hot and Cold Chicken


2-3 Chicken breasts (if your feeding a lot I'd do like 5)
Picante Sauce (Large container)
1 can of  red Beans(you can omit these , just add more picante sauce)
Ranch Dressing
1C Red Onion
1 Cup of diced Tomato
1 Head of lettuce
Tortilla chips

First cube up your boneless skinless chicken breasts,(or you can use shredded chicken) into a pan. Cook until they are done. While its cooking, take and shred your head of lettuce into a bowl, chop up 1 cup of tomatoes, 1 C of red onions add to lettuce. In a mixing bowl combine 1/2 cup of picante, half cup of ranch dressing. Mix it  and add it to your lettuce mixture. Stir till combined. Stick in the fridge. In the pan with the chicken when its done, add your beans( if I add beans I only do a half can of it...but you can use a whole can..just use more picante sauce), then add a cup and half of picante sauce. Stir up chicken mixture.

To put on plates you add your chips crushed up, chicken mixture,lettuce mixture, cheese and olives. Or you can switch it around. It doesn't matter how you do it :-) Its really really good.


  1. Ingredients, not ingrediants. :)

    1. I did a spell check but somehow it didn't catch it. I corrected it. Thanks

  2. Sounds a lot like our taco salad. We use taco meat, Catalina dressing but not picante. It's good too.